More Applications
Fewer Students!

What's the Story?

The Costs Keep Climbing and Financial Aid is Declining!

What Can You Do?

How Can I "Market" Myself to the "Right" School

Our #1 Mission!

For Students and Parents:

"How to Think About & Plan For the College Admission Process"

  • We help High School Students to identify and gain admission tothe "right"college.
  • For International Students, we offer advice over the entire search process from application toarrival on campus.
  • For Parents, we help you understand the differences
    among colleges and help you navigate the complex world ofcollege financing.
  • We identify key Internet sites which provide information and guidance through the entire college search and applicationprocess.

The College Center helps families and students think strategically and efficiently about the college admissions process.

It helps students assess their skills and accomplishments and merge them with their aspirations in a successful college admission action plan.

Having counseled thousands of students, face to face, through books and pamphlets, and on the internet, over the years College Center stands ready to make a difference for students in the second decade of the twenty first century.


Disclaimer:  It has come to our attention that people are being contacted in the name of The College Center and being asked for confidential information. These phone calls are being made with the intention to defraud call recipients!  The College Center does not solicit business over the phone.  Moreover, we have filed a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center and several state law enforcement agencies.  The College Center urges all who are contacted by phone to contact and file a complaint of their own.